Toy Tip

There is never a need to spend a lot of money to enjoy quality play experiences that encourage attachment and growth with your child. Here are two simple toys that will develop language, communication, tactile senses and movement.

HOMEMADE TOY——Touch Box  —Infants

Find a variety of textured items, feathers, fabric, spoon, plastic toys, and cotton balls.  Be creative and explore the outside for different textures.  Place all items in a shoebox.  Together, take out items one at a time.  Explore each by naming, touching and feeling. Use hand over hand manipulation if your child is not yet reaching or grabbing.  Introduce items slowly  if you find your child has sensitivities to certain textures.  Limit to one texture at a time if necessary.  Most of all…have fun…!!!!

Box House ——Toddlers

Find a shoebox or cereal box.   Make a “door” on the side by drawing a square and cutting three sides.  Play a game of “peek – a- boo” by using a small toy going in and out of door.    Ask, “Where did it go?” “Is it hiding?, “Who is hiding?” or “What is hiding”.  Remember…enjoy!

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