About Us

About Nurturing Tots

Through a partnership with families, Nurturing Tots provides infants, toddlers and young children with in home intervention to maximize their potential in the development of cognitive, motor, communication, social/emotional and adaptive domains of development.

Nurturing Tots was founded by Debra Dinielli, M.S. and Linda Cobuzzi MSE.  Debra and Linda have over 30 years combined experience in the Special Education fields working with young children.  Debra began her career as a preschool teacher, then developed a program for infant-toddler parenting classes. She then shifted over to the field of Early Intervention providing in home services to support the growth and development of young children.  Linda launched her career in education in the late 70’s working as a Special Education Teacher, Education Evaluator and serving as a Member of the Committee on Special /Preschool Education in the NYC schools.  Working with diverse populations, both Linda and Deb’s focus is on providing optimal services to maximize positive outcomes for children and families faced with developmental challenges.

Our multidisciplinary team of therapists are highly trained and versed in the Early Intervention field, screened by Linda and Debra to ensure their commitment and skills match the Nurturing Tots vision. All Nurturing Tots therapeutic staff are licensed and or certified in accordance with state regulations. Using their years of experience working with toddlers and families, the Nurturing Tots team is committed to deliver a positive, supportive, and customized early intervention program for your family, based on your child’s individual developmental profile.  Working with premature babies is our specialty.

Our team:
* respects all family cultures and their values.
* believes the child learns best from their relationship with their parent.
* strives to utilize their knowledge and skill to strengthen the child and parent bond.