Nurturing Tots takes great care in providing an individualized plan of therapy for your child, lead by our experienced and trained staff. All care is provided in the natural environment of the family to best fit the unique preferences and priorities of each family. We know that infants and toddlers learn best when they feel secure and comfortable. Our team helps families develop confidence and competence in understanding their child’s individual needs.

We believe each family deserves a caring and committed interventionist to support the child and family through the early intervention process. Interventionists collaborate with families, understanding that parents know their child best in order to create individualized activities to support infants and toddlers in cognitive, motor, communication, social and emotional skills. We recognize that when activities are individualized within each family’s daily routines, the child has the opportunity to maximize his potential.

Our team’s goals:

Increasing enjoyable time together
The Nurturing Tots program highlights everyday routines like eating and grooming as a fun, enjoyable opportunity to spend time together.

Understand your child’s signs and cues
You will understand what he needs and how he communicates to you. You will be able to know what he is feeling throughout the day. You will learn strategies that will make all your caregiving routines such as diaper changing, meals and sleeping easier and less stressful.

Help your child learn about the world through play
Learn to understand your child’s development and how to incorporate activities into daily family life.  Learning how to be at your child’s level and let your child take the lead in his play.

Our early intervention services are delivered through the following disciplines:

Child Development Specialist
The CDS is the core provider of early intervention services to infants, toddlers and their families. They understand the role of primary social and emotional relationships as the foundation for early learning. They encourage interactions and activities that help in the development of secure infant/parent relationships.  The CDS is proficient in the range of typical infant/toddler physiological factors including early neurological/brain development, basic health and nutrition, physical growth and maturation.  They provide strategies to foster the development in all domains that are centered on the importance of play as an outcome of learning.

Floor-Time Specialist
Floor-Time methodology utilizes the DIR/Floor-time model at the heart of a comprehensive program for infants, children and young families with a variety of developmental challenges.  This comprehensive program works on all the elements of the DIR/Floor-time model–the functional emotional development levels, the individual processing differences and creating those learning relationships that will help the child move ahead in their development.

Parent Educator
The Parent Educator provides guidance to parents who are experiencing challenges with their child’s behavior. They will create positive behavioral strategies that will strengthen the relationship between parent and child.

Speech Therapist

Pediatric Speech Pathologists assess and provide treatment for individuals with speech, language, swallowing and cognitive communication disorders.  Speech Therapists will focus on receptive language, expressive language, oral motor skills, pitch, fluency and volume.

Occupational Therapist
Pediatric Occupational Therapists strengthen fine motor skills including any and all activities involving functional life skills and play, based on the child’s developmental milestones and skills required for real life activities. Pediatric Occupational Therapists use play based techniques and routines that are designed to target areas of delay and difficulty. Occupational therapists are trained in therapy with a sensory integration approach that uses play-like activities to help children better process and tolerate the information they get through their senses. Some therapists will have a specialty in feeding and swallowing and hold appropriate certification.

Physical Therapist
Pediatric Physical Therapists evaluate and provide treatment for children who have problems with motor skills. Physical Therapists develop the strength and range of motion children need to move through their environment easily and effectively.  Physical Therapists also assess the need for orthotics (like splints and braces) and recommend adaptive equipment. Physical therapists are mindful of the way that sensory integration dysfunction may interfere with the pursuit of gross-motor goals and may integrate those techniques into physical therapy as well

Marriage Family Therapist
A Marriage and Family Therapist guides and supports your family as you build relationships with your child, while strengthening and creating a healthy emotional environment at home

Certified Instructor of Infant Massage
Infant massage provides the groundwork for a lifetime of nurturing touch.  This nurturing touch provides the first of the most significant type of communication between infant and it’s world, encouraging and deepening the attachment in the parent- child relationship.