Our Values

Each child has unique and individual needs.
No two children are the same, and no two treatment plans are the same. Activities  are created to fit into family’s daily routines.
Each family’s values and cultures are respected.
We strive to incorporate every family’s goals and priorities into the intervention.
Children learn best when they feel secure and comfortable.
Based on sound studies and proven positive results, Nurturing Tots delivers services in the family’s Natural Environment.  What better environment for a child to practice new skills than in their own home?

We empower parents with learning tools and strategies to enhance their relationship that guides and support their child’s progression.

We believe that using the family’s /child’s interests, rituals, routines and priorities is the model for strengthening development and learning.
Family values and priorities are a crucial part of each custom program we provide.
Supporting and encouraging  pleasurable interactions between infants and families as this relationship is the catalyst in the child reaching his optimal development.

A crucial aspect of the child’s development is Parent  Participation. The family knows each infant best, and parent involvement is a vital element of the child’s progression. Our parents help make the learning process a fun and dynamic experience. Our coaches empower parents with learning tools, so they will continue to guide and teach their children after each session.